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Troy has years of experience in guitar instruction with children, teenagers, and adults. Troy tailors each lesson to the level, style, and goals of each student, whether learning the basics or mastering advanced guitar skills. While he specializes in Classical and Jazz guitar, he also teaches other genres including rock and pop. Troy also helps students develop skills in sight-reading, improvisation, audition/performance preparation, composition, and fretboard/general music theory. Troy offers lessons in both Spanish and English and charges reasonable tuition rates. If you would like to take lessons, click on the sign up link or, click here to email me.

Ultimately, I want to help students learn how to effectively practice so that they can reach their goals and become independent musicians. -Troy

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Updates and Important Information

I currently teach at Murphy's Guitars in Bountiful on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Lessons at my home in Salt Lake City are offered on Monday and Wednesday.